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推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad

Continue your university adventure in another country. Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Lancaster students who have studied abroad as part of their degree for a year or term. As well as experiencing another culture, you will grow in confidence, independence and add new skills to your CV.

Where can I go?

Consult this list to find out which overseas partners are available for students studying abroad in 2020/21 by subject area. This is a guide only as places at overseas partners varies each year.

Where can I go?


There are costs associated with studying abroad, see the tabs below for more information.

Tab Content: Tuition fees 2021-2022

Tuition Fees

You pay tuition fees to Lancaster University during your study period and you do not pay any tuition fees to your host university.
If you study abroad for a full year, you pay 15%* of your normal tuition fee to Lancaster. For home students, this is £1,385 for 2021/22. If you study abroad for one term, you will be charged your full tuition fee (100%).

It is expected that tuition fees for 2022/23 will be announced in Spring 2022. For updated information please refer to our UK and EU fees webpage.

Tab Content: Living costs

Living Costs

If you study abroad outside the EU, you will be required to prove that you have funding to support yourself. Cost will vary by country.

You do not have to have the full amount required in your bank account. You can show you have funds from different sources including your student loan, savings, scholarships, bursaries or from family.

CountryCost in local currencyCost in Pounds (£)
USA US $11,860 - $26,218 £9,500 – £21,000
Australia AUD $22,574 £12,500
Canada CND $10,164+ £6,000+
New Zealand NZD $15,000 £8,019
Hong Kong HKD $12,000 £12,250

Tab Content: Other costs

Other costs

It is compulsory for you to have medical insurance when you are studying abroad. Depending on the country you are going to, this may mean taking out the host university's policy, a national student policy or finding your own.

You are covered by Lancaster University's travel policy when you are overseas. However, this is not a general health policy. You can see what is covered by the University's Travel Policy Summary so you will also need appropriate travel insurance to cover your personal possessions while you are away.

If you decide to study abroad, you will receive further information during the year before you go overseas.

This table will give you a rough guide to living costs in different countries based on exchange rates in September 2021

2020/21 prices

University of Colorado, USA

US $ (2020/21)

University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA

US $

Sunway University, Malaysia


Australian National University


WU Wien, Austria

Euros €


Room and Board



16,300 MYR

$475 per week

€650 per month

Books and Supplies



1000 MYR


€150 per month

Medical Insurance





€50 per month

Personal Expenses

$3,000 14,400 MYR £3,200 €310 per month

Additional Costs

$1,650 $3,000 11,300 MYR $4,000

Total (currency)



43,650 MYR


€1160 per month

Total (GB Pounds)





£995 per month

How do I apply?

You apply through UCAS for degrees with 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad in the title e.g. History (推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad). If this is not available for your subject area, you apply when you start your degree. Some degree schemes do not allow a year or term abroad. The relevant department can confirm what is possible.There are limited options to study abroad for a term only. Below is a timeline for students studying abroad (excluding students studying in the Department of Languages and Culture):


If you were admitted to the University on a 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad degree scheme or if you are on a standard Lancaster degree scheme but want to study abroad, you should contact your Departmental 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad Adviser to express an interest in participating.


The Global Experiences Office holds general information sessions for all students interested in studying abroad during November. There are also specific information and drop-in sessions starting in December about how much it costs to study abroad and immigration requirements. You then research exchange universities that are available for your department.

You will be asked to provide your Departmental 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad Advisor with a shortlist of your preferred universities by the end of the Michaelmas term.


Your Departmental 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad Advisor will allocate you a place by mid-January.


The Global Experiences Office will send you information about how to apply to your host university. Applications are submitted by the end of Lent term.


You will receive your acceptance documents from your host university. Once you have received these documents, you must apply for your visa.


The Global Experiences Office will hold pre-departure briefings for students who are studying abroad. Attendance at one of these is compulsory.

You will be told if you have fulfilled the academic requirements to study abroad following the Exam Boards in the Summer term.

If you are studying in the USA, you will have to go to the US Embassy for an interview.


If you are studying in Australia or New Zealand, you will leave for your year abroad.


If you are studying in the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia, you will leave for your year abroad.

Frequently asked questions


COVID-19 and 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad - 2022/23

Consult these FAQs for more information about your 2022/23 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad placement and any potential impact the Covid-19 pandemic may have,

COVID-19 and 推荐国内安全的网赌网站 Abroad - 2021/22

If you have any concerns relating to your placement in the 2021/22 academic year due to Covid-19 restrictions, please contact


Global Experiences, Welcome Centre, Bowland College, Lancaster University LA1 4YW


T: +44 (0)1524 592035

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